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DNS in Linux

By pcurd

I have a world of problems with DNS in Linux. My Ubuntu box is sat on a Windows 2000 domain and usually holds it’s own. It’s not a member of Active Directory nor does it import great knowledge from Active Directory – it is an island of peace amongst the Kerberos hoards.

Most recent problem – after an unscheduled, shall we say ungraceful, shutdown of the box it appeared to have dropped off the network. After a lot of faffing I found that the DNS servers were not specified anywhere, the machine became static IP from DHCP assigned between the last reboots so evidently I didn’t set it up correctly the first time. After trying several solutions this helped:


In order to assign a static nameserver, you must edit the file /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base, and add you “nameserver x.x.x.x” line there. This file is automatically included at the start of the /etc/resolv.conf file that resolvconf generates.

To add a search domain I similarly added “search” to the same file.

– Update

I have recently installed Ubuntu 6.10 (I know, I’m still about 2 releases behind) and I didn’t have this problem.  Good work team Ubuntu!



My Website

By pcurd

As part of my coordinated online presence I have put together a website at

Please enjoy. Applause optional.



M4 in the morning

By pcurd

M4 in the morning 2, originally uploaded by PCurd.

The M4 in the morning is a scary place. It’s a standstill and it’s not fun. This morning I faced the view of 45 minutes of other car’s behinds.

Not the most pleasing way to spend one’s morning.

M4 in the morning



The Hoff

By pcurd

Recently my ISP’s holding company, “Pipex Internet Ltd”, has been using David Hasselhoff as their mascot/front man for what I can only imagine is comedy reasons.

For example:

Me and The Hoff

(Me and The Hoff in a publicity Web2.0 tool generated picture)

If you have managed to live in sufficiently large holes for the last 55 years, David Hasslehoff is a legend of television and film acting. He was of course the star of Knight Rider, a superb piece of early 80’s entertainment and financier/star of Baywatch – according to the Guinness Book of World Records, Baywatch is the most watched TV show in the world, with over 1.1 billion viewers.

Now it had occurred to me that someone is paying for this and that it might be me. Surely some percentage of my monthly subscription is going to Pipex rather than my own ISP so some percentage of that money must be going to The Hoff… Whilst advertising is important, and what with The Hoff being a meme at the moment I have no problem with that. I for one welcome our hair chested overlord. However the story gets complicated once you realise that Pipex has been sold to Tiscali.. now Tiscali has no mascot that I am aware of, no media attention beyond their own advertising and so I began to fear – is The Hoff still receiving my pennies? Only one way to find out – email accounts!

My Email:

Good evening,

I notice from recent media coverage that elements of the Pipex Group, owners of Freedom2Surf, have been sold to Tiscali.

As a long standing customer I would be interested in knowing how the distribution of my monthly subscription will be effected by this change in ownership. Particularly if a proportion of my fee will still be going directly to The Hoff as I imagine it has since Pipex recruited their legendary mascot?

I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this request, it may well be a deciding factor in whether I remain a customer of Freedom2Surf in the coming months.


Peter Curd

Now Freedom2Surf have excellent support staff, very helpful and knowledgeable but I was not expecting as full a reply as I received.

Their Reply: (names changed to protect the innocent)

Hi Peter

We can confirm that Pipex Internet Ltd including Freedom2Surf has been sold to Tiscali UK.

Your monthly subscription will continue to be paid directly to Freedom2Surf as it always has been and there will be no change to this.

Unfortunately at this time we can not confirm what if any proportion of this subscription will be paid towards ‘The Hoff’.

I am sorry we could not fully answer your query at this time.

If you have any further queries please reply to this email or alternatively telephone the billing team on the number shown below.

Kind regards

Freedom2Surf Billing Team

Sadly my question remains unanswered, but perhaps it is best left that way.