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Firefox gets down with the natives

By pcurd

Firefox 3, due out “soon”, is at a conundrum.  Do they want to maintain a familiar look and feel across borders or go native on each platform? covers the story nicely.

Personally I agree that fitting in to the host system is a good idea – it makes for easier integration and one could argue shorter learning times but as a user of three separate operating systems (Windows, Ubuntu and OSX)  I like that Firefox looks the same on all of them.  I use Google Browser Sync to keep my bookmarks up to date, (and it’s firefox addon) for the rest and don’t have to worry about it.  I use Firefox far more than any other application – can’t imagine my day to day life without it.

I’m probably bias – in fact I am – because I don’t like the look of Safari or of IE so I naturally want Firefox to look like Firefox.  I don’t use Opera because I don’t know how it works and because I’m afraid it won’t do what I want.  I know Firefox will but that isn’t the reason I use it.  Something about it feels right.

I’m writing this on a machine without Firefox (need to put Portable Apps Firefox on the network!) and I feel icky inside.  It’s a browser with tabbing so I’m able to survive having 20 web pages open without clogging up the OS but it just doesn’t feel right. I can’t bring myself to think of using Firefox and having it look.. like this.  It’s just wrong. 

So I would definately definately keep Firefox looking as it does – or at least ship the current default skin as an option.  I guess that’s the great thing about open software -if I don’t like it, I don’t have to lump it.



Developer Day 2007 – DDD6

By pcurd

The UK development community event DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper is returning this year to Microsoft’s Reading Campus. DDD6 will be held on November 24th 2007 and the agenda is now open for voting and shaping.

To show your opinion, visit: