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Review: Caliban’s War

By pcurd

Caliban's War
Caliban’s War by James S.A. Corey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I stopped reading this over Christmas but not because the story is bad, because I was listening to the audio book and not commuting as normal. When I got back into it in January I devoured (with my ears) the last third – the ending is fast, exciting, and much more like the first book. This part of the series is slow in my mind, there was a lot of characterisation and scene setting which definitely at times took away from the pace of the story. The plots are well intertwined and the suspenses created by the swapping between characters were well executed and (almost always) worth the wait.

The saga of James Holden and his crew continues forward and the politics of the Sol System continue to be the main focus of the overall story – with an ominous threat at the back of everyone’s mind – told through a variety of different perspectives ranging from high politics to grunt soldiery. I enjoyed the new characters for the most part and hope many of them continue into the next book. The main driver of the plot was.. dull, unfortunately. I think Corey wanted something believable, human, and easy for the audience to latch on to but to me it took away from the wider story, the human story being faced by everyone. I’m sure you could rewrite the plot to change the MacGuffin and it would change nothing of substance. I did sense some foreshadowing though so it may turn out to be important later – but I don’t bet on it.

Overall a good story, I will definitely dive into the next one after a suitable pause.

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