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Review: The Hour of the Gate

By pcurd

The Hour of the Gate
The Hour of the Gate by Alan Dean Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I was right, this is the second half of the first book. I have no idea why they were separated, they aren’t even that long! 600ish pages combined.

It just roars along as a story though, the pace is high all the way through making it a very easy story to get caught up in. The characters don’t expand much, and the world building is enhanced only by a few new animal types being introduced. This left more time for plot.. but most of the book is concentrated on travelling so really all we get is more of a travel documentary of a strange land.

I immediately started into the third book so I suppose that tells you something, but really I’m still not impressed. There is less hidden racism in this story than the last and the characters begin to feel more alive.. but I still don’t understand why there are 8 of these books!

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