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Review: The Day of the Dissonance

By pcurd

The Day of the Dissonance
The Day of the Dissonance by Alan Dean Foster
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

STILL nothing is happening in these books.. why am I so dedicated to finishing them! I don’t know! I just know they go past quickly and I’m happy.

Yet. More. Characters. I’ve already forgotten who was in the first book, the entire menagerie of a troop that counts as the cast of these stories blurs into one. There is the fighty one, and the other fighty one, then the mouthy one, the reluctant one, and the wise one. I wonder if Foster picked out of a hat who would fill each role before writing the books. Still, the world building continues to be good, there were one or two events in this book that actually impressed me – I couldn’t help visualising a few of them as the descriptions, whilst simple, really help get across detail rapidly. It’s a definite skill of Foster’s, and I think it comes from his screenwriting experience. A scene unfolds cleverly and succinctly and before you know it, the action is roaring ahead.

I couldn’t stop myself starting on the 4th one immediately after finishing this one, which, as before, is my entire recommendation. Also less animal sex in this one, that’s nice.

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