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Review: The Paths of the Perambulator

By pcurd

The Paths of the Perambulator
The Paths of the Perambulator by Alan Dean Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my favourite Spellsinger book so far. The story is a little mad but it has a good premise and allows Foster a lot of freedom to try things out. The titular Perambulator is a well conceived “big evil” character and all the way through I was wondering what beast from Jon-Tom’s world it would be. It made it clear to me what the earlier stories were missing – something that I actually care about!

My biggest issue with this book is a bit of blatant sexism about half way through which is handled quite poorly – there is an attempt to deflect it as being “oh, it’s just his way” but that is then undone by another set of comments later. Perhaps this was acceptable at the time, but it’s unpleasant now.

I overall enjoyed the story and whilst it is definitely not worth reading all the books just for this one (as it might be for, say, the later Harry Potter books) it’s a nice joy to have it appear in the middle of the series as a reward for (suffering?) coming this far.

I’m a big fan of the John Wayne-alike that appears too..

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