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Review: The Time of the Transference

By pcurd

The Time of the Transference
The Time of the Transference by Alan Dean Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the last of the original Spellsinger books and actually I enjoyed it quite a lot. Some of the story didn’t make much sense, and the entire ending is just mad but I came out of it with a positive feeling. The onward marching plot from the first few books is now well and truly replaced with “books in a bottle” where a fresh calamity is created and resolved within one book. This was one of the more believable plots, although some of the sub plots make very little sense – in typical style for the Spellsinger series.

There continues to be a seemingly never ending cast of new characters and species to introduce but for once I wasn’t entire put off by any of the characters.

As a finale of a series it’s disappointing but considering two more books were published I assume Foster felt the same way and perhaps his second chance at a finale will be better.

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