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Open Source in DDD5 Podcast

By pcurd

A few weeks ago, after Developer Developer Developer 5, I was getting drunk in the Novotel Hotel bar in Reading when I (and this may have been because of the aforementioned beer) began rambling about Open Source to a guy I’d just met. Well he was Craig Murphy, one of the organisers of Developer Developer Developer, a .Net community event where presentations and short ramblings (Grok Talks mentioned in the Podcast) regarding aspects of programming or development are made.

Well, Craig has put together a Podcast of a small part of this chat and there is a link to it from his blog – http://www.craigmurphy.com/blog/?p=639.

I think a round of applause are in order for my not quite falling off the chair drunk but whatever you do don’t move too quickly because I might throw up moment of fame.

Oh, and my good friend Alex Sanchez was there too… I would like to include him in my Oscar speech…

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Thanks for letting me podcast with you guys, it’s much appreciated. And thanks for following up with the offer of a GrokTalk. I’d like to follow up this podcast with another one later in the year if that’s OK with you guys?

Absolutely fine with me. Thanks for getting me involved with the community.

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