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SQL Servers

By pcurd

Now I like SQL Server, it’s a stable, mature product and I think it has a lot to offer as a package. A combination of Access, Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser can perform virtually any task.

But why, as a commercial enterprise grade product, why does it have to crash? Really, why. I have just spent 2 hours staring at a DTS package only to discover that the service running on another server has crashed. Which takes me on to my second complaint, can we have some indication of death please!?

Now admittedly I am working with Server 2000 (v8) and there are several newer version that may have increased the stability but really this is fundamental stuff.

I have administrated MySQL and PostgreSQL before and they are not perfect either. MySQL has foibles that make you believe you may have gone insane and PostgreSQL on Windows is so painful it hurts. Can’t have Authenticated NETWORK users in your Power Users group because it upsets the LOCAL user that runs the service…Sure, why not.

So, here I am, two hours late because of some lazy attempt at not scaring the SQL administrator by actually having error messages.

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