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2015 in review

By pcurd

A big year! 2014 was one of the biggest of my life (but I didn’t write a blog post about it!) so 2015 felt like it would be simpler, well let’s talk about it.

2015 was my first year living just as a couple in a decade. It’s been odd having a “housemate” I can actually negotiate with freely and honestly. It’s definitely convinced me that I don’t want to go back to sharing, even with close friends.

2015 was the year I took on running a larger team with significant management responsibility. This has moved me further away from direct software development for now but requires more leadership of me. The challenge is keeping me busy! The practices in this team need modernising and I haven’t had the opportunity to make such a difference to a company in a very long time.

2015 was the year I took up Magic: The Gathering again. I first started in around 2013 (wanting to see what the fuss was about) but stopped after a few months because I didn’t find a group to play with or see the full attraction. This year I introduced my partner to the game, wanting a physical game we could do together and with her encouragement forced myself to attend a Pre Release event even though I didn’t know any other local players. My intention was to start going to weekly events at my local game shop, Eclectic Games, but actually after meeting two other people there I joined Reading GARPS at the University and go along there weekly. My investment in the game has grown over this time and hopefully I’m approaching being a competent player now.

In video games this was a quiet year for me. I picked up RimWorld and continued with Factorio. I started Tera and had a lot of fun for a few days before I found I wasn’t engaged enough. After it went F2P I tried Guild Wars 2 and have had a similar problem. I tried Euro Truck  Simulator 2 and Farming Simulator 2015, both of which combined gave me reasons to get a Steering Wheel for my PC this Christmas. I’m looking forward to trying these relaxing games in the New Year.

This Christmas was also very different – this year we hosted rather than visiting parents. This was a new experience but it ended up being rather fun. It was also the first time in many years I saw my Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin.

We’ve spent a lot of time on house activities – DIY, organising etc – and next year should allow us to enjoy the results of all this work.

Film of the Year is probably The Martian (although that is also a strong contender for Audio Book or even Book of the year). Audio Book of the Year I’ll give to The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. Book of the Year goes to Embassytown by China Miéville. All of these are in the Sci Fi genre but are a different experience all over. The Long Earth especially is all about people and how society adapts to a big change. In this vein I also enjoyed the first three A Song of Ice and Fire audio books this year and will try to get up to date in 2016, perhaps even watching the TV adaptations at last.

And what do I want from 2016? I’d like to learn a new language – probably programming rather than spoken – and applying what I’ve learned to a proper project. Spending more time outside of work doing personal projects is also a target this year.

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