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Review: Spellsinger

By pcurd

Spellsinger by Alan Dean Foster
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Goodreads pops up the question “I would recommend to:” when you fill in these reviews and I usually start there whilst my review forms in my head. Today, however, I really can’t decide if I would recommend this book or not. First, because of what it would say about me and my tastes (such as they are!) and second, because of what it would say about this book.

I really dislike that it’s half a story – without giving spoilers, the book leads up a big plot point that hangs over into (at least) the next book – and this isn’t clear from the beginning. I dislike being duped into reading more of a series, even if I would probably have done so anyway.

I dislike some of the framing, not so much the “world of animals” but the “xx creature is xx type of person” lazy writing style. It’s not used as a complete crutch, but it is a little annoying.

I do enjoy the characters, each has something unique about them which rounds out the group, although new characters keep being introduced right up to the final chapters – my first clue the story wasn’t going to resolve itself was a new main character around the half way mark – and my attention (and care) is split a little too far I think.

The nebulous evil introduced on the first pages is fairly well done, not too hard on the fantasy tropes, and would serve a good few stories (there are 8 books I think..).

One early scene has the human avatar character watch (with rapt attention) a strip tease performed by a mustelid – this isn’t to say the entire book is one big animal-human romp, but if you’re put off by that I’d stay clear.

Overall it was quite fun, and I have dived into the second book straight away but I can’t help feel like I’m being forced to rather than wanting to.

Oh, and the “I would recommend to”? I’ve left it blank. You’d better make your own decision.

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