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Review: Resurrection, Inc.

By pcurd

Resurrection, Inc.
Resurrection, Inc. by Kevin J. Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s a typical Kevin J. Anderson story. The characters in the book are in a universe where people play on each other’s fears, and this is expressed in a way that plays on the reader’s fears.

The story revolves around the concept of a Servant – a resurrected corpse that is essentially programmed for servitude. Most of the technology is laughable (they don’t even have mobile phones in this future) but it was written in 1984 so that is hardly surprising. The Internet derivative is actually quite interesting, it has developed into something recognisable as a network of computers but seems to be more like AOL – a section for news, a section for local information, and loads of databases you can search.

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Overall a reasonably fun read, and short, but not something I’m keen to recommend.

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