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Review: Damia’s Children

By pcurd

Damia's Children
Damia’s Children by Anne McCaffrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve gone back to reading the Tower and Hive series, a staple of my childhood, after maybe a decade. I’ve probably read all of these books at least 3 times before but I had forgotten most of the plot lines which is making this an enjoyable “first read” again.

McCaffrey is at her sexist, dubious best in this series. The Talent parents “leaning” on their children to help their minds develop properly always felt fishy to me and it’s no better now than it was when I last read them. I can see her point, these children are dangerous after all, but it’s quite hard to read at times. Every character is a caricature and whilst it makes for quick, light reading – it’s not very meaty!

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A fun read, but not your true Sci Fi!

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