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Review: The Tower and the Hive

By pcurd

The Tower and the Hive
The Tower and the Hive by Anne McCaffrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A good end to the story – the 5 books in the The Tower and the Hive series are wrapped up neatly and the story can be considered done. McCaffrey manages to have a happy ending without being twee and it’s a believable and natural path onwards from the earlier books. Really, Damia’s Children and Lyon’s Pride along with this book are one continuous story and although they focus on different groups of people, are the same book. I would suggest aiming to read all of them very close together as that is clearly how they are intended to be read.

In a series that focuses so much on people there are a lot of families and individuals who don’t get their history told. Of course McCaffrey is never going to fill in those stories but her son Todd McCaffrey might one day expand the universe a little more. I’m quite sure fan authors will have written about the Talents of Betelgeuse or Altair who weave in and out of the story leaving only hints at their personalities and life stories.

Perhaps because the last 3 are one big story, the series ends up being not about “The Lady in the Tower” of The Rowan but about her children and grandchildren. This time spread is quite different from where the story seems to be going at the beginning, and the tone and writing style is completely different towards the end. Instead of being about the life journey of a character (the titular Rowan) as the early ones area, the rest are about the struggles of humanity. For a single short series this is a big change of focus but I feel the later ones are more like the other McCaffrey stories I enjoyed, especially in the Pern series.

I am glad I chose to re-read these – if nothing else I have discovered that there were three “prequel” novels, not one as I had though, so I have more to read! On next to To Ride Pegasus.

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